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NIS Directive: What Businesses Should Know

      6 MINUTE READ   Virtually all businesses will be aware of the incoming GDPR legislation. Most are already in the process of preparing for the changes it will bring.   With GDPR drawing the majority of attention, another important and far-reaching piece of legislation has gone largelyRead full article

DevOps and Sysadmin: What’s the Difference?

      5 MINUTE READ   DevOps engineers and systems administrators share a range of common tasks but there are also some fundamental differences that IT professionals and hiring managers should be aware of.   Employers should be wary of systems administrators who claim they can do anything aRead full article

Why Angular 5 is “Faster, Smaller, and Easier”

  5 MINUTE READ   Updates for Angular, Google’s popular JavaScript framework, are coming at a rapid pace. In the past 14 months the framework has had two major updates.   Angular 2 was released in September 2016 and Angular 4 in March 2017. (If you are unsure why GoogleRead full article

Common traits of excellent software developers

    5 MINUTE READ    What makes a great software developer?   There will never be a simple cookie-cutter answer to this question. But there are certainly many opinions out there. Common responses typically suggest things like: capable of producing solid, concise, and maintainable code, being a team player,Read full article

Abandoning the Hiring Manager vs Recruiter Mindset

    6 MINUTE READ   In many companies, the hiring process takes the form of a two-way relationship between a recruiter and a hiring manager. As is the case in any other relationship, there is always a potential for tension to flare up.   Ultimately, hiring managers and recruitersRead full article

17 Best Slack Communities For Tech Professionals

  3 MINUTE READ   What are the best Slack communities for tech professionals? With so many out there, it’s hard to decide which ones are right for you.    Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.    Below is a list of 17 thriving hubs of discussion, collaboration, and innovation spanningRead full article

GDPR Myths: Sorting fact from fiction

    8 MINUTE READ   The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018. As we are fast approaching the introduction of the legislation, the internet is currently awash with information about the changes it will bring. But it is worth keeping in mind thatRead full article

How to perform well in an IT job interview

  7 MINUTE READ   After putting in time and effort to carefully craft your CV, it’s always a great feeling to receive an interview invitation. It shows that the employer sees potential in your unique skill set. However, it is important not to get complacent – the real workRead full article

The Hadoop Ecosystem: A Crash Course

  6 MINUTE READ   Hadoop has revolutionised both data processing and data warehousing, but its explosive growth has generated a lot of uncertainty, hype, and confusion.   This article aims to provide a concise crash course on the key components of the Hadoop ecosystem. At present, there are simplyRead full article