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Kotlin: A language with a bright future

  4 MINUTE READ   Kotlin is now a first-class language for writing Android apps. Notably, the language is 100 percent interoperable with Java, which has always been Google’s primary language for writing Android apps (besides C++).   When the announcement was made, it came as welcome news to programmersRead full article

6 Questions To Ask Before Planning Your Next Meeting

  4 MINUTE READ   Time management at work is always challenging and no activity feels like more of a time sink than pointless meetings.   Obviously, not all meetings are a waste of time. Done right, a meeting can solve difficult problems or get across critical information to teamRead full article

Applying AI in Insurance

  5 MINUTE READ          According to Wikipedia the term ‘artificial intelligence’ refers to a “machine that mimics cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds”. At present, some of the things we associate with other minds, such as learning and problem solving can be doneRead full article

SecDevOps: Fitting Security into the DevOps Methodology

3 MINUTE READ   Agility is now an unavoidable necessity in a fast-moving technology environment, but achieving it is often presents a huge challenge for companies and their development teams. The DevOps methodology offers a solution, but following it is not always easy.   Even more crucial than the needRead full article

5 Components of Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

  6 MINUTE READ   Emotional intelligence has long been been known to be a key component of effective leadership. In 1998, psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman wrote one of Harvard Business Review’s most popular and enduring articles entitled, “What Makes A Leader”. In the piece he states:  Read full article

VMware on AWS: A Perfect Match?

  5 MINUTE READ   Almost a year after the initial announcement, the eagerly-awaited VMware Cloud on AWS is now available to customers.   Since the launch, both companies have been keen to highlight the benefits of the partnership. Businesses currently using a VMware software stack on their private cloudRead full article

How To Excel In a Take-Home Technical Test

  4 MINUTE READ   Once a qualified developer has submitted a well-constructed CV that has gotten on the short list, the next stage in the hiring process is often a take-home technical test. As an IT recruitment agency, we typically find around a quarter of all development roles weRead full article

Life-saving technology: Big data in healthcare

  5 MINUTE READ   The application of big data in healthcare is revolutionising medicine.    For years, doctors and researchers had to painstakingly sift through mountains of patient information in order to better understand disease processes and create evidence-based treatment guidelines. Today, this process is becoming simpler, quicker, andRead full article

Building an Effective Internal Communication Strategy

  4 MINUTE READ Effective communication between a company and its employees enables businesses to tap into the unique knowledge, insights, and talents of their people. In many instances, the quality of internal communication can be decisive in determining a company’s success or failure.   The benefits of effective communicationRead full article