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How to Recruit and Retain Technical Talent: Advice from a CTO

Competition for the A+ talents is at it’s all time high. This assertion is supported by findings of the ADP National Employment report which posits that in 2015, the U.S. private sector posted an additional 217,000 jobs. The report, which analyses employment statistics by region and state, explains that thisRead full article

Strategies for Motivating Your Technical Team

Every company wants to be productive, and few things have a greater impact on business productivity than employee motivation. The more motivated your employees are, the more productive they will be, and the more efficient your technical team can operate. Chances are you’ll also have a higher quality work output,Read full article

The Key to Attracting and Engaging Millennial Talent

As a business person, you most likely understand the value of attracting top millennial talent to your company. You also probably know that motivating and engaging your team increases their productivity and thereby boosts the return on investment for each and every affected employee. And if you’ve been in businessRead full article

What is the Biggest Road Bumps for Founders and CEOs?

The 21st Century has been and continues to be a magnificent age to live in. We have experienced advances in technology that were mere pipe dreams only a few decades ago, revolutionized communication, and flipped over the traditional corporate structure with startups that have no physical offices, yet serving millions,Read full article