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The Chief Data Officer: An important ally for overworked CIOs

      5 MINUTE READ   The Chief Data Officer (CDO) has emerged as a critical ally to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for accelerating the development of data driven businesses.   With the demands of data management quickly outgrowing the traditional CIO capacity, CIOs are increasingly finding themselvesRead full article

4 steps to aligning cloud strategy with business goals

      5 MINUTE READ   According to Gartner, anything other than a cloud only strategy for new IT initiative will require justification at more than 30% of large corporations by 2020.   But despite widespread use of both public and private cloud infrastructure, few best practices currently exist.Read full article

Managing stress to succeed in software development

      8 MINUTE READ   Stress is a reality for everyone. If you aren’t affected, you probably don’t have a pulse. Some of us may cross over into anxiety at times too.     But in a creative, problem-solving career like software development, chronic stress can cripple productivityRead full article

Why clarity of communication is key to cyber security

      5 MINUTE READ   In the digital era, businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attack. New points of entry are continually springing up – email, cloud environments, applications, payment gateways, data centres, and many more. Virtually every business is now a ‘digital business’ in some regard.  Read full article

6 Management Tips for New C-level Executives

      5 MINUTE READ   Becoming a C-level executive can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “great power means great responsibility”.   Yes, the new position comes with a bigger paycheck and higher company status, but the ever-present pressure to get thingsRead full article

[Infographic] 6 Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid

    Given the overwhelming success of disruptive companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix, many businesses are now seeking to follow the path blazed by these pioneers. For most, the starting point is a digital transformation. But doing a complete overhaul of business processes is no small task. ThereRead full article

Why DevOps hiring is a struggle for small businesses

      7 MINUTE READ   This post was written by Joe Pridgeon, Head of Contract DevOps Recruitment at Venturi.     Many small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) are currently finding it very difficult to hire affordable DevOps engineers. In this post I’ll discuss why that is andRead full article

The why and how of mindfulness at work

  12 MINUTE READ   Work related stress costs the UK economy nearly £6.5 billion every year. ‘Presenteeism’ is also  rising at an alarming rate, with employees coming to work disengaged, tired, unmotivated, and too stressed to work. This is costing employers dearly. Can mindfulness at work help turn theRead full article

Streamlining hiring processes to attract top technical talent

  5 MINUTE READ   Top technical talent is always in high demand. These candidates are fully aware their skill set is highly sought-after – their inbox is flooded with emails from recruiters and headhunters about new ‘exciting’ job opportunities.   But the prospect of jumping through lots of hoopsRead full article