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4 simple ways to immediately improve candidate experience

    4 MINUTE READ   Are you putting talent off with a poor candidate experience?   In an increasingly competitive market for technical talent, offering an exceptional candidate experience could be the crucial advantage that gives you an edge when it comes to hiring.    According to CareerArc, nearlyRead full article

3 mistakes to avoid when setting tech recruitment goals

      4 MINUTE READ   What are you main tech recruitment goals this year? Answers to this question often go something like, “To hire more developers” or “To hire more BI analysts”. But that’s just stating the obvious. In order for your recruitment strategy to be as effectiveRead full article

North vs South – Where are IT contractors better off?

      7 MINUTE READ   Which is the better location for IT contractors in the UK? The north or south?   Traditionally, the answer to this question was always the south. After all, the vast majority of the nation’s wealth is concentrated in London. This translates into higherRead full article

How to manage development projects effectively

  5 MINUTE READ   Project management is never an exact science, but when you combine it with the vagaries of software development, you have a recipe for disaster. Whether you are developing brand new software, or simply upgrading or adding on to the software you currently have, you canRead full article

‘Ask Me Anything’ Highlights: The CDOs Playbook

    4 MINUTE READ   Authors of ‘The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’ Caroline Carruthers and Peter Jackson joined us in Venturi’s Voice Slack on April 6 for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session.   Questions from the community covered a broad range of topics from ethics through to favouriteRead full article

How to sidestep the data hype cycle

    5 MINUTE READ   When a Chief Data Officer (CDO) first arrives at a business, they are often met with great expectations and much enthusiasm in the business for data success. This receptive atmosphere certainly beats a hostile one, however it does bring its own set of challenges.Read full article