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26 Big Data terms you need to know

  6 MINUTE READ   As the influence of Big Data continues to permeate the tech world, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the intricacies of the field. To help you get to grips with some of the fundamental concepts and terms, we have compiled a brief guide ofRead full article

Why Magento is the eCommerce Market Leader

    5 MINUTE READ   eCommerce is one of the foundational components of modern business. We have all become accustomed to buying virtually anything we can think of with just a few taps of our fingertips. Over the past few years a whole host of platforms have sprung upRead full article

Embracing the multi-cloud future

        3 MINUTE READ   For many years, business IT operated on a winner-takes-all model. Vendors competed against each other in an effort to win lucrative, long-term deals. Once the contract was signed there was very little room for flexibility. A company’s technology stack was often rigidRead full article

Can contractors fill the cyber security skills gap?

      5 MINUTE READ   Over the past two decades hiring processes in the security industry have changed dramatically: from traditional in-house methods to the heavily outsourced models of today. This change of approach was driven in large part by the increasingly specialised demands of a continuously evolvingRead full article

Using Automation to Optimise Workflow in Big Data Projects

      4 MINUTE READ   Companies are now beginning to focus in on finding ways to better leverage their data. However, the vast scale of today’s big data projects means they can easily become enormous time-sinks if handled inefficiently. Unsurprisingly, investments in tools that extract actionable information fromRead full article

AWS re:Invent: 5 Announcements Tech Teams Should Know About

      5 MINUTE READ   AWS re:Invent 2017 finished up last Friday. The Las Vegas event was attended by an impressive crowd of more than 40,000 people. Over the five day conference, customers, partners, and Amazon employees came together for a compelling range of keynotes, bootcamps, and networkingRead full article

Why Node.js Enables Ultra-fast Web Applications

    4 MINUTE READ    Node.js uses a unique event-driven input-output (I/O) model,  making it perfect for implementing real-time web applications. It excels at the sort of dynamic and scalable situations that are being increasingly demanded of servers.   It’s also lightweight, efficient, and enables developers to use JavaScriptRead full article

NIS Directive: What Businesses Should Know

      6 MINUTE READ   Virtually all businesses will be aware of the incoming GDPR legislation. Most are already in the process of preparing for the changes it will bring.   With GDPR drawing the majority of attention, another important and far-reaching piece of legislation has gone largelyRead full article

DevOps and Sysadmin: What’s the Difference?

      5 MINUTE READ   DevOps engineers and systems administrators share a range of common tasks but there are also some fundamental differences that IT professionals and hiring managers should be aware of.   Employers should be wary of systems administrators who claim they can do anything aRead full article