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Best practices at top recruitment agencies

  4 MINUTE READ   Best practices can be defined as the professional procedures widely-accepted as being most effective. As is the case in other industries, top recruitment agencies have one thing in common – they all operate in accordance with the same set of best practices.   But asRead full article

Why self-aware leaders achieve more

  4 MINUTE READ   Most leaders want to learn, grown, and ultimately better at their job. They want to gain tools and build strategies that address the challenges they face in their role. However, they are less inclined to take a step-back and look within to identify weaknesses thatRead full article

Creating an office environment that enhances productivity

      4 MINUTE READ   Email. Social media. Texting. Gossip. With so many workplace distractions it can often feel like office productivity is under threat. This threat needs to be taken seriously as maintaining a high level of productivity is critical for success in all businesses. If youRead full article

Why are DevOps Engineers so hard to hire?

    3 MINUTE READ   This post was written by Anna Flynn, Head of DevOps, Cloud, and Infrastructure Staffing at Venturi (New York).      It’s no secret that DevOps Engineers are in high demand. But currently, many employers are struggling to find the right person to fill their vacancy. As aRead full article

The 5 highest paying IT certifications

  6 MINUTE READ   Regardless of the market sector or company type you work for, having the right combination of certifications to your name provides some concrete validation of your technical skills and knowledge.   But as you are probably aware, the most valuable certifications aren’t cheap. The combinedRead full article

7 Tips for reducing employee turnover

      5 MINUTE READ   After putting in a lot of effort to bring the right people into your business, the last thing you want is for them to leave. While employee turnover is an inescapable part of business, if left unchecked, it can become a very costlyRead full article

Building a fully operational cyber incident response team

      5 MINUTE READ   The majority of businesses out there haven’t yet got round to exploring one of the final frontiers of cyber security: incident response. While most have neatly written-up policies and the proper cyber security technologies, many companies are ill-equipped to handle an unexpected securityRead full article