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Recruitment strategy: Creating a data-driven hiring process

      6 MINUTE READ   Recruitment strategy looked quite different before the internet. Think bulletin boards and newspaper ads. But in the mid 1990s recruitment changed forever with the arrival of online job boards such as Indeed and Monster.  Candidates could easily apply for jobs and employers hadRead full article

Transforming employee onboarding with Virtual Reality training

  5 MINUTE READ   Onboarding can be a long, tedious process. Hours spent on paperwork, going through monotonous orientation programs, and reviewing company policies don’t exactly spark excitement and motivation in new hires.   But with significant improvements in Virtual Reality (VR) training technology, some employee onboarding processes haveRead full article

The tell-tale signs of a fake data scientist

  4 MINUTE READ   Demand for data scientists has reached fever pitch. Virtually all organisations are scrambling to get hold of elusive, actionable analytics in real-time. Salaries are soaring in response. At the time of writing, the average salary for a data scientist in London sits at £65,000.  Read full article

How to recruit (and keep) a high-performing data team

  6 MINUTE READ   In today’s market, having a strong, high-performing data team is an important driver of growth and success. But why do so many teams falter when it comes to extracting real value from data?   This is a pressing question facing tech leaders across the globe.Read full article

Top 5 strategies to retain software developers

  5 MINUTE READ   With the digital skills shortage showing little sign of improvement, many companies are still having problems attracting software developers. But that’s only half the battle. Once they are in the door you then have to find innovative ways to hold on to them.   AsRead full article

How to Hire a BI Manager – Required Skills & Traits

  4 MINUTE READ   The power of big data is now easily accessible by companies of all sizes. As a result, many SMEs are changing their data strategies to deliver interactive, insight-driven, and visualised reports. This change in the market has caused a significant shift in expectations when itRead full article

4 effective ways to evaluate developers and hire the best

  6 MINUTE READ    When discussing the challenges of hiring in the tech sector with our customers, the issues that crop up again and again are the skills shortage and competition with other companies. This is unsurprising, the tech skill shortage receives widespread media coverage and shows little signRead full article

9 ways to promote your company culture to candidates

  6 MINUTE READ   Don’t underestimate cultural-fit. It’s just as important as skill fit. A candidate who is lacking in either won’t last long at your company.   Imagine a new data analyst who is insanely talented, but is also arrogant and often disrespects people on your otherwise tight-knitRead full article

5 newly appointed CTOs worth paying attention to

      4 MINUTE READ   As an IT recruitment agency, we have the privilege of meeting and speaking with some of the most innovative and forward thinking Chief Technology Officer’s (CTO’s) in the country. We’ve also interviewed quite a few of them on our podcast.   Speaking withRead full article

Practical last minute advice on GDPR readiness

      5 MINUTE READ   GDPR comes into effect on May 25. And let’s be honest, you are probably sick and tired of hearing about it. But still, it’s crucial you have your house in order. If you haven’t managed this already, don’t worry, there’s still time toRead full article