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From Philosophy to Data: An Interview with Rob Mossop, CDO at Sword Group

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​Welcome to this episode of the podcast, where we sit down with Rob Mossop, the Chief Data Officer at Sword Group. In this conversation, we explore Rob's fascinating career journey, from his academic background in Philosophy to his transition into the IT and digital world.

Rob takes us through his route to joining Sword Group and his path to his current role. As he shares his experience, we gain valuable insights into the diverse range of skills and perspectives that are valuable in the technology industry today.

We then dive deeper into Sword Group's work in the data space and how they help their customers leverage data to gain insights and drive business value. Rob shares some examples of how Sword Group approaches data projects and highlights the importance of a customer-centric approach to data solutions.

Join us for this insightful conversation with Rob Mossop as we explore the intersection of philosophy, technology, and customer-centric data solutions.