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Commerce Revolution: Insights and Strategies with Nick Gee, Director of Commerce Engineering

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​In this episode, Ben sits down with Nick Gee, Director of Commerce Engineering at Wunderman Thompson Commerce. With an eclectic background that includes experience as a business analyst, project manager, test analyst, head of engineering, and now director of engineering, Nick is a testament to the power of diverse experience in developing a successful career.

Nick shares how he has continued to grow within WT and his commitment to maintaining a "small company ethos" that prioritizes both technical excellence and employee well-being. He emphasizes the importance of bringing people along with the business, so that they can grow into the culture and technical practices that are most relevant to WT and its projects.

Nick also discusses his recent membership in the MachAlliance, a program that focuses on microservices, API first, and headless commerce. He shares how this has opened up new opportunities with new clients, and highlights two distinct directions that WT is moving towards - fully SaaS and a "beast of bread" checkout, search engine, and service provider processes, all powered by APIs.

Finally, Nick talks about his passion for developing teams and the value of nurturing home-grown talent. He believes that investing in people and providing opportunities for growth is the key to building highly skilled and dedicated members of the development department.

Tune in to hear more about Nick's career journey, his insights into the future of commerce, and his commitment to fostering a culture of growth and excellence at Wunderman Thompson Commerce.