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How to Pragmatically Manage Tech Debt | Marcio Marchini

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Marcio is Chief Architect @ Nuri

During this episode, Ben sits down with Marcio to discuss how companies can pragmatically manage their technical debt and non-functional requirements in general and achieve sustainability.

Nuri is a financial services business, and is the app to manage, save and invest your money. An easy gateway to the world of investing: Get started with cryptocurrencies or investments in the stock market – directly from a German bank account.

Here's the relevant links to topics mentioned in the chat:

1) How to perform architecture control of a TypeScript codebase: . This is what they are using at Nuri - for TypeScript. 

 2) Erich Gamma’s interview where he talks about the need for proper layering:

 3) How they did proper architecture control for other languages, with a maturity model program, also controlling at the “micro” level:

 4) n8n for low code integration of parts:

 5) Mobile Platform Teams:

 6) MiniApps - a way to modularize React Native Mobile Apps: