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Building Data Science Platforms & Teams at Scale @ Dataiku | Conor Jensen

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Conor Jensen is an experienced Data Science executive with over 15 years working in the analytics space.

He is VP of Data Science for the Americas at Dataiku, helping customers with their biggest and most ambitious AI and Data Science projects. Previously he worked in Customer Success after taking his lumps building out data science teams and platforms at multiple large enterprises. In prior lives, Conor was a Weather Forecaster in the Air Force, a Starbucks Store Manager, an Emergency Management Technician in the Air National Guard, and taught archery and rock climbing. He also earned a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from UIC.

Dataiku is an artificial intelligence and machine learning company which was founded in 2013. In December 2019, Dataiku announced that CapitalG - the late-stage growth venture capital fund financed by Alphabet Inc. - joined Dataiku as an investor and that it had achieved unicorn status, valued at $1.4 billion.

During the podcast episode, Ben sat down with Conor to discuss building and maintaining data science platforms, especially as MLOps becomes more mature. How Conor structures and builds a data science team, especially at scale, and some of the pitfalls to be aware of when doing so.