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The Lingumi App - Using Tech to Teach English | Richard Hiscutt

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Richard Hiscutt is Head of Product at edtech startup Lingumi, helping to bring the world’s best teaching experience to every child’s home.

Previously, Richard founded the digital agency Fantastic Thinking and sold it to The Engine Group in 2011, and was the one who made sure they created amazing looking experiences for clients such as Evian, The Times, Laya Healthcare and Rolls-Royce, as well as testing, researching and sharing insights and innovative thoughts and techniques to the rest of the company.

Richard's mission with Lingumi is to make learning English effective, affordable, and fun for the next 500 million children before they reach their first classroom. At an incredibly exciting time at Lingumi, we hear how the app is prepared to scale to deliver great learning outcomes to a mass of users.