5 ways to find great IT talent on social media

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Despite the tech world’s exponential expansion over the last few decades companies are still facing a shortage of IT talent. According to a 2018 survey 46% of companies believed they had a skill shortage in big data and analytics. Other key areas facing major talent shortages included cyber security and development. 


These S It’s a tactic that clearly works, but you need to carefully refine your approach to get the most out of it. Which platforms should you focus on? What opening message should you use? How can you strengthen your employer brand. There are a lot of moving parts to social recruitment. 


 In this post, we explore the top 5 ways to find great IT talent on social media. 


Choose your keywords carefully 


Carefully choosing attention grabbing words in your social media posts can be an effective way of attracting candidates to your company. The key is to be specific. If you are looking for a software engineer with experience in C++, make sure to mention C++ in your post.


Repetition can be another effective way of driving home the message of your post. For example, if  you are trying to fill a vacancy in data analytics use the key phrase “data analytics” multiple times in your post. But it is also important not to go overboard, 2 or 3 times per post should be alright.


Another useful tool in your arsenal is the hashtag. Hashtags are particularly effective when used on Facebook and Twitter. The key is to make your hashtag specific and easy to read. If your post is about a data analyst, avoid using hashtags like this #dataanalyst. These can be difficult to read. Remember to capitalise the first letter of each word like this: #DataAnalyst.


Use social media to promote culture


We all use our social media to make our personal lives look super fun and interesting. So why not do the same for your company? Company culture has become an important factor to candidates when deciding what job to choose next. This gives you the employer an opportunity to show off your company culture on social media to try and attract IT talent. 


Sometimes the everyday life of a company can be a bit dreary, but there are always exciting things to highlight. Company events like fundraising, sports or meals are a great opportunity for attractive social media posts. When prospective candidates view these posts on your social media channels it will reflect well on your company.  On the other hand, avoid mundane things like working at a desk, business meetings or general admin. 


Quality not quantity


Creating an engaging social media presence is a good way to drive IT talent to your website and to potential job vacancies. However, it’s not about the amount of posts you share but the quality of the posts you share. If your followers are constantly bombarded with boring content they are more likely to ignore your posts and thus your company. 


There are many different ways to make your social media posts more effective. One example is to ensure your followers are likely to share your content. One of the best ways to do this is to use videos, afterall videos make up to 80% of all internet traffic. Consider creating videos about the benefits of working at your company rather than a boring paragraph. 


Use LinkedIn more effectively


It has been reported that up to 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates.  The most popular method of sourcing candidates is to post job advertisements on LinkedIn. However, this is just one way to find IT talent on LinkedIn. 


Another way to find candidates is to join LinkedIn groups. There are many IT specialist groups that can be found on LinkedIn such as  Global Information Technology Professionals Association and Information Security Careers Network. Joining these groups will give you easy access to many qualified professionals and will allow you to build up a network of IT experts. 


Use targeted advertising on social media


Those in tech should be well aware of the power of targeted advertising. Social media platforms are a great way to get your job ads to be seen by your ideal candidate. This is because you can set the parameters for the individuals that you would like to see the ad. For instance, if you are placing a job ad on LinkedIn you can target your ad to individuals based on their location, job title or group membership.  


Targeted advertising is much more effective than traditional advertising where you are playing a sheer numbers game.  In traditional advertising the hope is that out of the 1000’s of people that see your ad a handful will apply. Targeted advertising gets around this problem by only showing the ad to the individuals most likely to apply.