10 state-of-the-art offices we think are brilliant

modern offices

The technology sector is never one to shy away from innovation. Whether that’s by working under the most cutting-edge project methodologies or re-defining office layouts to bring the best out in employees. You’ll usually find the craziest ideas and most forward-thinking designs in tech offices.

We’ve seen our fair share of innovative, cool offices (which were slightly jealous we don’t work at) and got talking last week about which companies we feel, as consultants, are going the extra mile when it comes to employee satisfaction and innovative design.

The list below was compiled by the Venturi Consultants:

ASOS – Recommended by Tom

In 2013 ASOS’s head office, In Camden’s London House, underwent an Extensive 100,000Sq foot refurbishment. As befits one of the UK’s leading online digital retailers the re-design reflects the brand’s fashionable and relaxed style. With breakout areas, an American style cafe and separate coffee bar the three-floor office also boasts a show-stopping central core-and staircase that unites the three floors with an interactive projection screen.

modern offices

Deliveroo – Recommended by  Yasin  

Another company that has moved offices recently is Deliveroo. In 2017 they moved their new global headquarters to a prime location overlooking the River Thames. The spacious 55,000Sq foot workspace comes complete with an on-site gym, 27 meeting rooms named after the company’s favourite foods, and a shared roof terrace. When they’re not working Deliveroo’s staff can play pool and sit on swing-like chairs or get some peace and quiet in the several quiet zones dotted around the building. The offices crowning achievement is the ‘centre court’ inspired meeting space in the middle of the building. 

modern offices


YOOX NET-A-PORTER – Recommended by Ola

If you like your modern offices designed by award-winning architects then YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s headquarters is the one-for you. Based in North London’s ‘White City’ the 70,000-sq. Ft. space aims to bring together all of YNAP’s UK tech teams under one roof. The office is designed to inspire creative ways of working and facilitate a mobile working culture, while also reflecting YNAP’s unique position at the intersection of fashion and technology.

modern offices


McLaren – Recommended by Josh

One for the petrol heads. McLaren’s modern office include a feature they call the boulevard. A large gallery filled with 50 years worth of classic cars. The rest of their space age futuristic building is filled with snaking suspended bridges and see-through cylindrical elevator shafts. It’s all about transparency, access, and communication. The building also reflects McLaren’s culture and philosophy with a focusing on a clean, healthy, and well-controlled environment for staff.

modern offices

Spotify – Recommended by Sam   

Based on the Stockholm office Spotify’s London HQ has been designed as an eclectic space with sumptuous velvet, leather, and wood. As a music-based business, this modern office includes a state of the art sound systems for-all the audiophiles working in the company. It has all your standard office fittings including; boardrooms and breakout areas but has an added bonus in the form of a town hall area with its own stage for live acts.

modern offices

Facebook – Recommended by Danielle  

The social media behemoth opened a new office in London this June. Just around the corner from Oxford Street in Central London, the building, which was designed by Frank Gehry includes 7 floors and a public square, Rathbone Square, named after the area the office is built. If you’re a fan of Augmented Reality this modern office is for you.

The team at Rathbone Place are busy working on the Oculus virtual reality platform. The building also houses the facebook LDN_LAB which hosts several startups. So the building is always abuzz with creativity and ideas.

modern offices


Soundcloud – Recommended by Ed

Overlooking the Berlin War Memorial, Soundclouds modern offices are housed in The Factory a Google-funded tech incubator in Berlin. As far as luxury offices go it has everything. You can check out the library, indoor garden or yoga room if you need a stretch. If things are getting a bit much and you need-to get away from it all you can head to a tech free zone or go a step further and find a soundproofed nap pod. Between the beanbags, shag carpets and wood burners, you’ll find a Mediterranean cafe for a relaxing afternoon meal to get you through the day.

modern offices


Essence Global Recommended by Sam

If mediation is your thing and you’re a big proponent of mindfulness at work then Essence Global may be the perfect office for you. It boasts a bespoke meditation workspace. Calm and tranquil it has tree’s, moss walls and grass benches.

Tranquility is built into this modern office. Its industrial minimalist design includes exposed ductwork, concrete floors, and industrial lighting. You’re greeted through the doors by Box-Park style bleacher and a hidden roof terrace to hold small meetings.  

modern offices

Electronic Arts – Recommended by Josh

Video game developer need look no further than EA games. Based in Guilford, the central hub for gaming in the UK, EA’s offices in Onslow House allow employees to enjoy the historical city and country charms of Guilford all the while being a 20-minute train journey from central London    

The modern office has a large gaming area, an onsite gym, in-house barista and boardroom come ball pit. A fun-loving bunch the EA staff have two annual employee parties and a monthly get together in the onsite cafe. If socialising and gaming are your two biggest passions then this office is the one for you.

modern offices

UK Fast – Recommended by Holly

The owner of UK Fast, Lawrence Jones believes ‘It pays to play. Staff is more productive when they’re having fun. This has meant that the UK Fast car park at one time was a beach and then an Ice rink. There’s something for everyone in the UK Fast office. If you need an hour to unwind you can head to the Japanese Waterfall, recording studio, gym, or, after work, of course, the bar.

modern offices