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Discussing the differences between management and leadership – Dan Maunder

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Dan Maunder, a CTO at Picsolve international. On the show they discuss the position and responsibilities of a CTO. They also talk about navigating your first leadership position and the differences between management and leadership. Andy asks Dan about his motivations. Conversation also turns too people management and Dan’s role at Picsolve.

Dan is An accomplished Senior Technologist and Software Engineering Leader with extensive programme and platform transformation experience and outstanding skills in Product Development, Engineering and Quality Assurance. He possess over a decade of global experience in offshoring, outsourcing and blended cross-geographical software development models. His experiences have led him to value high ethical standards, collaboration, new ideas and dedication to “best practices” in all areas of expertise. He has an exemplary industry background that I feel allows me to operate in cross-functional positions utilising my comprehensive knowledge.

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Show Notes:

1.06 The management responsibilities of a CTO.

3.20 Managing what is and isn’t worth your time from a leadership perspective.

6.17 Looking externally for advice and feedback when you’re in a leadership position.

8.12 Where to look if you need advice in a leadership position.

9.28 Do you still find the time to get involved in technical activities.

10.34 Are you motivated by the outcomes of your projects or by the technology you’re working with.

12.27 Placing people at the centre of your leadership strategy.

15.35 Dan’s role at Picsolve.


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